ADP3330ARTZ-5,0 Electronic component manufactured by AD Analog Devices

China, Guangzhou City

Baiyun Area, Xicha Road


Type Electronic component

Part-Number ADP3330ARTZ-5,0

Manufacturer brand AD Analog Devices



Extra information –źdditional documents for import may be required. The item may have customs restrictions depending on delivery country.

Availability in American stocks unit price: 2.68 $ from 1 pcs
unit price: 2.4 $ from 10 pcs
unit price: 2.27 $ from 25 pcs
unit price: 1.82 $ from 100 pcs
available in stock: 8043 pcs
available by manufacturer: 0 pcs
lead time: 10 weeks

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T-Component last sale price unit price: 2.42 $
lead time: max 0 days + 1 day for incoming inspection
1 Year Warranty 100% Incoming Inspection

T-Component delivery terms Incoterms EXW or CPT China or Hong Kong
Delivery time: 1-2 Days.
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