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How we operate

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Receiving the request

You send us a list of items to which you have interest in any convenient form. For example, through the request form on our website.

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Datasheet Verification

Often customers put incomplete part numbers or part numbers with errors. This hinders the request processing and increases probability of delivering the wrong component. Therefore, before accepting the request, we check the correctness and completeness of the part number for each position in the request.

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CRM Registration

We work with a customized CRM system, developed specifically for needs of T-Component company. This speeds up and simplifies the process and helps eliminate errors.

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Commercial Offer Preparation

The manager assigned to your request will send you an official offer on the letterhead and in Excel format.

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Discussing the Terms of Delivery

You can ask the manager any questions, discuss payment terms, timescale and warranty.

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You will receive a pdf invoice to the email address you provided.

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Placing the Order

After the invoice is paid, the purchase department places an order with foreign suppliers. The delivery time starts from the moment the funds arrive to our account.

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Delivery to the Consolidation Warehouse

This is the first acceptance of the goods by T-Component employees abroad. If any defects are found upon inspection, your manager will contact you to discuss the situation and make quick decisions.

We ship the goods almost anywhere around the world
or transfer them in mainland China or in Hong Kong.

Send Request
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We shall prepare an export declaration and shipping documents. Together with the goods, you get a properly executed set of documents to present to the customs authorities, as well as correct dimensions and weight of each item, so you do not have problems with customs clearance.

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Incoming Inspection

We conduct 100% incoming inspection of components in appearance. This allows us to be sure that our customers will receive the goods of the required year of production, the same batch (if so agreed in advance) and in compliance with other terms and conditions.

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We take the packaging extremely seriously, since it directly affects the performance of the components. According to experts, damage by static electricity, besides immediate complete loss of efficiency, can also cause degradation of the component parameters, which in turn can lead to malfunction or subsequent failure. We follow the requirements for anti-static equipment of warehouses, entrance control area, comply with the rules of handling static-sensitive components and ship them to our customers in metallized anti-static bags, with moisture absorbers and humidity indicators.

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Delivery to Customer

We ship the goods to you via reliable delivery service or wait for your instructions on shipment.