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The supply of microchips

Why choose us as your supplier of microchips from Asia?

If you buy components in Southeast Asia, you will be interested in working with our company.

«Why do I need you when I already work with many Asian suppliers directly?» , you might ask.

In today’s economy, when everyone is trying to reduce costs, working with the Asian region as the largest manufacturer of electronics and components, is becoming one of the most promising trends. And if you work with Asia, you will surely appreciate the service that we provide when buying goods from us.

Working with Asia

Working with Т-Component

Working with Asia


Working with Т-Component


Searching For Hard-to-find Components

The supplier may experience difficulty in finding complex, discontinued, or parts under export restrictions.

Here at T-Component, we have many years of experience in the supply of electronic components. We work with an extensive pool of various suppliers in the Asian region, in Europe and America. If the parts you need are on the market, we are very likely to find them for you.


Quality Control

The supplier may deliver defective or low-quality parts.

In the Chinese Т-Component, headquarters, all components undergo incoming inspection, and sometimes functional testing in special laboratories, so you are guaranteed to receive high quality parts.


Risk Control

The supplier may deliver nothing and embezzle your money. They may not re-deliver the defectives, misgrades or return the money, may refuse to comply with warranty obligations.

You are dealing with European T-Component, specialists who work according to the European standards of business ethics and in the European legal framework. You can easily verify their competence and integrity. Also, at your request, a contract may be concluded in English and in your native languages, which includes the terms of the transaction, warranty obligations, etc.You will be protected from the shortcomings and dishonesty of the unfamiliar supplier.


Authenticity Control

The supplier may sell you a copy pretending it’s an original.

With T-Component, you may arrange a check in the testing center, and obtain an official certificate with the test results.


Year of Manufacture and Batch Control

The supplier may supply the goods of the wrong batch or the wrong year of manufacture.

Thanks to the incoming inspection in the Asian office of the T-Componentyou get parts of the agreed year of production. You do not have to wait for re-delivery or re-order the components of the required year elsewhere. Also, before placing an order, you coordinate the required number of batches for each item.


Shipping Paperwork

The supplier may not provide a complete set of shipping documents with the goods; they may declare your goods at the Chinese customs incorrectly.

With T-Componentyou get a properly executed set of documents for presentation to the customs authorities, as well as correct dimensions and weight of each item, so you do not have problems with customs clearance.



The supplier may pack the goods in cling wrap or plastic bag, which may cause the components to be damaged by static electricity, crumble and break during transportation. The supplier may send microchips scattered in a bag. The supplier may send a set without labels, which will lead to opening all the packages and re-identifying the items.

All components supplied by T-Component to your address are in tapes or plastic pallets, properly packed in a sealed anti-static package, accompanied by a moisture absorber and a humidity indicator, a label, and placed in an individual cardboard box. In addition to compliance with the standards of transportation and storage of components, you are guaranteed to avoid problems at customs related to the lack of identification labels on the goods. You can order delivery in whole tapes on the coil, even when ordering less than the factory packing rate.



A unfamiliar Chinese supplier may have no care of how the parts will be used, so they might supply low-quality parts aimed for serious and important application.

You are dealing with the European employees of T-Component, who realize the full responsibility of orders for government and military agenciesYou can be sure that you will get what you paid for.


Trust and Reliability

The supplier can cheat with the pricing, and then, when placing the order say: «Sorry dear friend, the price is higher» or «I have not 500 pieces but 23, the rest was bought yesterday», or even cancel the delivery.

With T-Component, you get an access to professionals with years of experience in the supply of electronic components. We know the mentality of these people, having faced many times with the optionality of the Chinese, Taiwanese, Malays. As for our Asian partners, they work under strict rules, so that, having received the price and terms of delivery, you can be sure of them throughout the period agreed in the offer.  You can get a photo and video confirmation of your components availability.


Communication and Understanding

The supplier may have difficulties in communicating with the customer, may not understand the customer’s requirements.

With T-Componentyou are communicating with professionals in English  and can avoid the situations, in which the supplier, not fully understanding your demands, at the stage of discussion agrees to everything, and after payment say that they cannot do it or pretend that they don’t understand what is expected of them.

We are able to provide you with European service and guarantee the quality of components while maintaining low prices of the Asian region.

Please request our delivery prices for the items you are interested in and compare them with those of your supplier.

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