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Supply of electronic components

The Range of Supply

T-Component is a universal supplier of electronic components. This means that the product from any manufacturer can be delivered upon your request. At the same time, we mainly specialize in supplying products from the following manufacturers:

Active electronic components


Passive components

If the manufacturers you are interested in are not listed here,

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Supply of electronic components

Standards and Certificates

Standards for the supply, storage, purchase of electronic components are certified in the

ISO 9001-2015 system

100% incoming inspection in equipped anti-static warehouse
Guaranteed supply of obsolete components of good quality
Supply in whole (uncut) tapes (if the tape packing is required)
Maintaining warehouse stock for regular customers
Freshly produced components (for parts still in production)
Technical support for obsolete components and hard-to-find items
Packing in anti-static bags with humidity indicators and moisture absorbers
Supply of electronic components


The supply of high-tech FPGAs, ADCs, DACs, processors, microcontrollers, memory systems, HF and SHF components.
Supply of connectors for civil and dual purposes.
Difficult-to-access components
Functional checks of components
Obsolete and discontinued components
Flexible pricing