Electronic components from IDT Integrated Device Technology represented in T-Component catalog.

China, Guangzhou City

Baiyun Area, Xicha Road

IDT Integrated Device Technology

Products of IDT Integrated Device Technology in T-Component catalog

Electronic component1893Y-10LF

Electronic component49FCT805BTQG

Electronic component5P49V6901A000NLGI


Electronic component7005S55JI8

Electronic component7007L20PFI8


Electronic component7028L20PFGI8

Electronic component70T3339S133BCI

Electronic component70T3339S200BCG

Electronic component70V27L20PFGI

Electronic component70V27S20PFGI

Electronic component70V28L20PFI

Electronic component70V657S12DRGI

Electronic component70V657S15DRGI

Electronic component70V7339S166BCI

Electronic component71256L25TDB

Electronic component7205L12TPG

Electronic component7284L15PAGI

Electronic component72T36135ML6BBI

Electronic component72V05L15JG


Electronic component821054PQFG

Electronic component82P33810ABAG


Electronic component82V2084PFG

Electronic component8430BY-71LF

Electronic component8533AGI-01LF

Electronic component853S014AGILFT

Electronic component854S006AGILF

Electronic component89HPES4T4ZBBCG8

Electronic component89HPES4T4ZBBCGI

Electronic component89HPES8T5AZBBCGI

Electronic component9FG108EFILF

Electronic componentDEI1041-SMS-G

Electronic componentICS83052AGI

Electronic componentIDT7007L20PFI



Electronic componentMK1491-09FILN

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