Electronic components from Mini-Circuits represented in T-Component catalog.

China, Guangzhou City

Baiyun Area, Xicha Road


Products of Mini-Circuits in T-Component catalog

Electronic componentAD4PS-1+

Electronic componentADE-42MH+

Electronic componentADP-2-20+

Electronic componentADPQ-2-250

Electronic componentADPQ-2-250+

Electronic componentADQ-180+

Electronic componentADT1-1WT+

Electronic componentBDCN-17-25+


Electronic componentERA-2SM+


Electronic componentGAT10+

Electronic componentHELA-10

Electronic componentHELA-10+

Electronic componentJPS-2-1W

Electronic componentJTOS-300+

Electronic componentLAVI-25VH+

Electronic componentLFCN-120

Electronic componentLFCN-1700+

Electronic componentLRMS-1MH+

Electronic componentLRPS-2-4+

Electronic componentLRPS-2-4J+

Electronic componentMNA-4A+

Electronic componentPAT-0+

Electronic componentPAT-12+

Electronic componentPAT-15+

Electronic componentPAT-4+

Electronic componentPBP-30+

Electronic componentPGA-105


Electronic componentPHA11+

Electronic componentPMA3-83LN+



Electronic componentQCN-12A




Electronic componentRBP-140+

Electronic componentRBP-75+

Electronic componentRCAT-03+

Electronic componentRCAT-06+

Electronic componentRMS-2+

Electronic componentRMS-30+

Electronic componentROS-1015-119

Electronic componentROS-1150-519+

Electronic componentROS-1300

Electronic componentROS-1435PV+

Electronic componentROS-2030-119+

Electronic componentROS-2100-119+


Electronic componentROS-2350-519+

Electronic componentROS-2360W+

Electronic componentROS-2600C+

Electronic componentROS-2700-1819+

Electronic componentROS-2800-519+

Electronic componentROS-2800-719+

Electronic componentROS-3000V

Electronic componentROS-3000V

Electronic componentROS-3000V+

Electronic componentROS-3150+

Electronic componentROS-520+

Electronic componentROS-850W-119+

Electronic componentSCN-2-11+

Electronic componentSIM-762H+

Electronic componentSXBP-35N+

Electronic componentSYDC-20-62HP+

Electronic componentSYK-2-33+

Electronic componentSYM-30DHW

Electronic componentSYM-30DHW+


Electronic componentTC4-1W+

Electronic componentTCP-2-10+

Electronic componentTCP-2-25+

Electronic componentTSS-53LNB3+

Electronic componentZFL-2500VHB+

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