Electronic components from NXP Semiconductors represented in T-Component catalog.

China, Guangzhou City

Baiyun Area, Xicha Road

NXP Semiconductors

Products of NXP Semiconductors in T-Component catalog

Electronic component74AVC16373DGG

Electronic component74HCT367D

Electronic componentBAS32L

Electronic componentBFG135

Semiconductor productBLF2043F

Electronic componentBLF645

Electronic componentBLF647

Semiconductor productBLF6G20-110



Electronic componentBSP304A

Electronic componentBT151-500R

Electronic componentCLRC66302HN


Electronic componentHEF4520BT

Electronic componentLM75BGD,125

Electronic componentLPC1317FHN33

Electronic componentLPC1517JBD48

Electronic componentLPC1768FBD100

Electronic componentLPC1788FBD208

Electronic componentLPC2103FBD48,151


Electronic componentLPC2131FBD64/01

Electronic componentLPC2131FBD64/01,15

Electronic componentLPC2148FBD64

Electronic componentLPC2194HBD64/01.151

Electronic componentLPC2368FBD100

Electronic componentLPC2378FBD144



Electronic componentLPC4088FBD208,551

Electronic componentLPC4337JBD144

Electronic componentLPC54S016JBD100E

Electronic componentMC33879APEK

Electronic componentMC33PF8200A0ES

Electronic componentMCIMX27LMJP4A

Electronic componentMCIMX287CVM4B

Electronic componentMFRC53101T/0FE112

Electronic componentMIMXRT1176DVMAA

Electronic componentMMA7260QR2

Electronic componentMPX2050DP

Electronic componentMPX2200AP

Electronic componentMPX4115A

Electronic componentMPX5050GP

Electronic componentMPX5700AP

Electronic componentMPX5700AP

Electronic componentMPXA4115A6U

Electronic componentMPXH6115A6U

Electronic componentMPXV5004DP

Electronic componentMPXV5010DP

Electronic componentMPXV5010GP

Electronic componentMW6S004NT1

Electronic componentNXQ1TXL5/101118


Electronic componentPCA9539D,118

Electronic componentPTN3356R1BSMP

Electronic componentSAF1562HL/N2

Electronic componentSC16C550BIA44


Electronic componentTDA2611AU

Electronic componentTDA8541T

Electronic componentTEA1716T

Electronic componentTJA1042T

Electronic componentTJA1050T/CM,118

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