Electronic components from Vishay represented in T-Component catalog.

China, Guangzhou City

Baiyun Area, Xicha Road


Products of Vishay in T-Component catalog

Electronic component00STC-050K-G0-00F

Electronic component10TQ045PBF

Electronic component12F60

Electronic component215307-8

Electronic component293D106X0063E2TE3

Electronic component594D187X0016R2T

Electronic component660C15AED68


Electronic componentBFC237672103

Electronic componentCRCW1210953RFKEAHP

Electronic componentCRHV2010AF100MJKTT

Electronic componentFC0805E1000BST0

Electronic componentFC0805E1000BTBS


Electronic componentIHLP2020BZER4R7M11

Throttle (inductor)IHSM4825ER220L

Electronic componentIRFIB5N65APB

Electronic componentMAL202118222E3

Electronic componentMAL202118471E3

Electronic componentMAL211818102E3

Electronic componentMAL211818221E3

Electronic componentMAL211916102E3

Electronic componentMAL225098475E3

Electronic componentRWR89S47R5FSRSL

Electronic componentSD2500C25K

Electronic componentSI7540DP-T1-E3

Electronic componentSUM110P08-11L-E3

Electronic componentVS-30EPH06PBF

Electronic componentVS-36MB120A

Electronic componentVS-40TPS12-M3

Electronic componentVS-63CPQ100PBF


Electronic componentVS-HFA15PB60PBF

Electronic componentVS-VSKD196/16PBF

Electronic componentY1453150R000B9L

Electronic componentY14531K30000B9L

Electronic componentY14535K11000B9L

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